Um Farol de Literacia e Cultura Marítima
Um Farol de Literacia e Cultura Marítima


It aims to provide knowledge of ocean literacy and maritime culture to the general public and young students of junior high school and high school in particular, with special regard to globalization as an inevitable process at present and in foreseeable acceleration and transformation. The role of maritime countries (starting with Portugal) in this twenty-first century is studied in particular.

It looks at the Oceans with a global vision, recognizing and studying all its massive, decisive, multifaceted role in the planet's balances, in the cultural, social and economic development, in power relations, security and happiness of mankind. Calls on all knowledge of man and brings it together to improve the effectiveness of the program, including, in particular, the environmental, oceanographic, economic, strategic, political, security and defense sciences.

For its execution, Priority is given to the schools that want to join this new way to enrich their important role in society. Each member school in the Program is designated as a BLUE SCHOOL.


It is a civil non-profit association based in Porto, Portugal.

Has, among other statutory aims:

a) Promoting the creation of a network of Blue Schools that adopt the principles, curricula and methods defined by the Forum;
b) Establishing a forum for discussion and exchange of information based on an interactive network of individual and collective people interested in environmental issues, maritime culture and literacy, with special attention to the role of schools in promoting these values.

This website will be its main tool for dissemination of information.

Latest News

Business2Sea Participation – November 16 to 18, 2016

Published on 14/11/2016

O Forum Blue School participa ativamente no congresso BUSINESS2SEA que decorre no Centro de Congressos…

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Henrique Guerra, a student at the Blue School Colégio Euro-Atlântico, is part of the Team Blue School – Colégio Euro-Atlântico

Published on 02/07/2016

The European Laser 4.7 Championship, runs from 2 to 9 July 2016, in the waters…

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The Team Blue School is born

Published on 02/07/2016

The Blue School Program is based on avenues of action, which have been grouped into…

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